Our story

Nefertari Story

Nefertari Schools started to operate in August 1996.

The establishment of Nefertari came with a dream of offering a more distinguished and providing quality education at the time.

Why the Name “Nefertari”?

Nefertari was the favorite wife of King Ramses II at the age of power and prosperity in the ancient times. Nefertari was highly educated and able to both read and write hieroglyphs, a very rare skill at the time. She used these skills in her diplomatic work. That is why she was the only wife that was built a temple for which is one of the most amazing temples up till now.

More than two decades ago, Nefertari started with a pioneering vision and showed to offer all that is best in the field of education. Ever since, Excellence has become one of our prime goals.

Nefertari Schools’ solid reputation in addition to the friendly and welcoming environment made the population of the different divisions increase steadily. Now there are 5100 students enrolled.

As the school has continued to grow and develop through the years, it has catered for different International Divisions:

1996 (Nefertari Language School – Nefertari American School – IGCSE Department)
2002 (Lycée International Nefertari)
2006 (Nefertari British International School)
2009 (Nefertari Deutsche Internationale Schule)
2014 (Nefertari International Baccalaureate Division )
2017 (Nefertari International Schools, 6th October City)

Nefertari International Schools is committed to continuing to develop with more enthusiasm and developed vision.